Movies Overloadddddddddd

Loads of things really interest me. But for now, there’s just one thing I’d like to focus on: movies.

Undeniably, the cinematic industry—especially that of Hollywood—has been much more massive than ever before. Thanks part to how franchises were created and to the competition between studios whose marketing strategies are becoming more ferocious, increasing movie-goers are noticeable the last time I remembered.

Ever since 2008, not a single year has passed without producing at least one billion-dollar grosser film. Then records were shattered as 2015 produced not 1, not even 2, but 5 films! all earning over a billion worldwide (with one crossing the 2 billion-mark; we all know what that is).

When the following year 2016 brought a close fight as 4 films grossed 1 billion each, all of which came from a single studio, we just know it was not gonna stop. The industry’s just warming up.


This year, a jam-packed massive lineup got everyone all hyped-up, making 2017, I guess, the busiest yet in the cinematic history. Starting early this 2nd quarter, the first billion-grosser film­—Disney’s Beauty and the Beast—began the race just 29 days after its release, with Disney being like “There’s no stopping us!”

A blink of an eye later, Universal’s The Fate of the Furious, a highly anticipated sequel of the franchise’s thus far most successful Furious 7, went berserk at its opening week; definitely closing in against competitors in the race of this year’s top grossing films.

I know right, there’s just no break. Just a few notches afterwards, Marvel’s first entry this year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is gonna rock the cinemas and probably take the race beyond space (just please catch my drift, will you). And the list goes on.

You see, there is a great chance 2017 might topple 2015 off its perch for having the most billion-grosser films, if not the most number of financially successful films. The industry has, I think, finally discovered the right formula of making us, both the fanatic-movie-lovers and the not-so-fanatic ones, to go out and spend money for a couple of hours’ entertainment. This is not alarming either way. In fact, it’s getting more exciting!


The craze finally pushed me to start-up a personal blog and share with whomever’s willing to listen, the excitement and thrill the cinematic industry has created me, us really. And there’s definitely just no point of keeping for myself the love I felt to whatever the industry’s up to. So why not shout it out? I’m sure there’s much more to what’s in store when I open up and engage with the community who shares my interest.

In the long run however, if hopefully I’ll be successful enough with this venture, I’m very much eager to expand my interest as, like I said in my first sentence, lots of things really interest me. It’s just that I think I ought to focus on one first to establish this blog. So for the meantime, it’s just movies I’m going to talk about and share with others.

Lastly, I just wanna share my philosophy. Like the joy I’d have with movies, whatever our ventures are—travelling, eating, photography, etc. —we just simply need to enjoy life (I know, it’s a bit cliché. But come on, with the pressures and problems we’re all facing, we always tend to forget what’s most simple).

Let us always bear in mind a positive vibe and outlook and be always on the ready to go out and explore, start off getting hurt but end up having learned, and just celebrate what life has to offer.

It will always be with this hashtag I’ll keep using that everything I’m doing is based upon: #embracinglife. Thanks!

P.S. Images definitely not mine, DEFINITELY. Just searched it up and thought they’re willing to let me use it ’cause why bother uploading on the internet otherwise? Just please tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I’m just starting, you see. Thanks! Credit goes to “Den Of Geek” or something.

P.P.S. Oh God, I know, I know. I’m just so lame with the featured images. I’m giving all the credits to the owners (whoever you are) but it doesn’t erase the fact that I’m lame with it. Sorry.